See saved access

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It’s something that sometimes happens: you register in a website and, doing login, Mozilla Firefox browser ask to save the password. If you forget that there is a simple way to view your saved password on mozilla firefox.

It’s obviously simpler if you accept. It also could happen that in a second time you need to access to the same site from another device and maybe you forget the saved password. There is a simple way to recover it, now I’ll explain how to view your saved password on mozilla firefox.

The procedure is as follows:

-open mozilla firefox;

-write in the address bar: about:preferences#security

-in the “Security” windows, choose Saved Logins…

-the popup window that opens contains all saved passwords in Firefox for all websites. In the top you simply have to type the site name (or also part of it) you want to recover the password for. The result is like that shown in Figure

Now just click on the line that indicates the site of our interest, and then click on the bottom right on the “Show password” button. Another pop-up dialog will ask you to confirm the operation and, after accepting it, the window will update and will appear an additional column containing the password.